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Below are examples of the many people who have corrected their posture and spine with us.  By restoring normal alignment and movement to your spine, your nervous system is able to function better, and those awful and debilitating symptoms often go away.   In the cases below, the after picture represents better alignment of the spine, which equals better nervous system function,   this means less or no pain, better movement and flexibility.  Our members are constantly commenting on how good they feel in such a short time.   New Federal Australian Law however, effective July 1 2010,  prohibits Chiropractors from using patient testimonials, so we are not allowed to let our patients tell you how happy they are.

Joan, Age 52:

Chief Complaints – Chronic Headaches, Back Pain, Immune System Weakness



Peter, Age 52:

Chief Complaints – Lower Back and Hip Pain

James, Age 34:

Chief Complaints: Headaches, Shoulders, Right ankle pain.